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MELIORA Adolescent & Young Adult Group Therapy

Uncategorized . 3 minutes read . December 11, 2022

Value added and unique program aimed at tomorrow's young citizens!

Meliora Group Therapy for adolescents and Young adults adds value to life, is skills-based, and well-received by participants

What’s in the name Meliora?

MELIORA is a Latin word for positivity. It means ‘better things’ or ‘things continuing to improve.’ We find MELIORA word as a perfect fit for the adolescent group.

Young adults often experience rapid emotional, physical and intellectual changes and have difficulties coping. These difficulties may manifest as increased anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, avoidance of social activities, changes in sleep patterns, difficulty concentrating and mood swings.

What is the Meliora Group Therapy for adolescents and Young adults?

MELIORA Adolescent and Young adults program support adolescents and young adults through life transitions; they develop skills to identify and manage emotions and behaviour patterns that can be constructive and learn how to stay away from destructive behaviour patterns.

Who Facilitates the Meliora Group Therapy for adolescents and Young adults for Mind Connections?

Mrs Rosemary Hawke, an experienced and skilled child psychologist and consultant psychiatrist Dr Padmini Howpage conducts the Meliora group therapy for adolescents and young adults. Together they add immense value to this program.

How do you enroll in the Meliora Group Therapy for adolescents and Young adults?

Discuss with your GP. You need two types of referral from your GP

i) A  Mental Health Care Plan addressed to our psychologist and

ii) A referral to our psychiatrist to enrol in the program.

What is the cost of MELIORA Group Therapy for adolescents and Young adults?

The costs are kept to a minimum so everyone can benefit from the program. The value-added therapy programs have an upfront, one-off administration fee to cover printed materials for education, refreshments, facilities etc. There are no other costs. The program consists of 20 sessions, 10 with the psychologist and 10 with the psychiatrist. It is a requirement for patients to commit to the whole program.

For More Information…

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