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Mindful Community Support Group Newsletter

Mindful Community Support Group Newsletter

Uncategorized . 2 minutes read . November 9, 2022

October is the month to celebrate Mental health Activities throughout the world. Clinicians and staff at Mind Connections Specialist Health Services celebrated the month by launching the 'Mindful Community Support Group Therapy Program.' Of course, everyone's buzzwords were 'patient support groups.'

Dr Padmini Howpage, Psychiatrist, Robert Craig, psychologist and Sienna Rizzo, Program Coordinator, who launched the program, were pleased with the turnout, and it was great to see many connecting with each other throughout the session.

There is nothing like someone who had the lived experience offering to support each other. It fosters trust, acceptance and inclusiveness. The feedback from the participants says it all.

"I will give it 10/10. It is a very positive experience."

"Putting a face to the other patients was a great experience. I feel very singular when I come to the clinic because it is just me. Seeing other people go through the same experiences but get better with the treatment gives me hope. If it can work for other people, then maybe it can work for me too".

"Depression and anxiety is a serious issues. Being with other people going through the same thing and how they use a sense of humour and laughter about their issues was very helpful. I can relate to the experience, and it is a good way to learn new coping skills."

Despite being of various ages with different stages in their recovery journey, patients felt comfortable opening up to each other. Initiating conversations with someone you never met could have been a challenge. Instead, the program coordinator, Sienna made it easy for all by introducing an "icebreaker - getting to know others in the group by presenting themselves in pairs". Many patients valued this as the most beneficial activity, settling them into the group.

At Mind Connections Specialist Health Services, we strive for value-added programs. The patient support group therapy program was born to address a gap in the service reported to us by our patients. Patients wanted to have that human connection by receiving validation of their emotions in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Feeling included empowers participants no matter what stage of their mental health journey. Sharing experiences allows us to bond with one another, which is a very satisfying experience.

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