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Our specialist psychiatry & psychology services

Experts in mental health

At Mind Connections, your treatment is unique because your program is based on your strengths and support systems.

Our team’s expert knowledge, skills, and experience in various psychiatry, psychology, and children’s behaviour help lead therapy sessions; they are there to help you realise your full potential and strengths.

We promote healthy feelings, healthy thinking, healthy behaviours and healthy interactions. Our goal is to help people of all ages treat, empower and coach themselves to learn how to live happy and healthy lives through a full range of therapeutic options, including rTMS, tDCS and Telehealth services.

Our Philosophy

Physical or mental disorders do not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnicity or status. Untreated and undiagnosed diseases can have a high personal cost, which is why seeking help early can save the individual, their family, friends and loved ones from severe effects.

Our philosophy is based on understanding you as an individual by:

  • Getting to know you as a person to understand how you feel emotionally
  • Mapping out your thought processes
  • Discussing your relationships
  • Laying out your perceptions of the world
  • Examining for physical illnesses and organising appropriate investigations for you
  • Educating you and your loved ones about your Diagnosis

Understanding you as a person helps us:

  • Arrive at a Diagnosis
  • Explain why you are feeling particular emotions, pains and sufferings
  • Provide a treatment plan that is conductive your needs

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