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REACH Group Therapy

Uncategorized . 3 minutes read . January 14, 2022

REACH Group Therapy Program

If you’re over the age of 18, have lived experience with depression or bipolar disorder, and need help managing your illness and improving your wellbeing, this therapy program is for you. It is a great learning experience in a professional, friendly atmosphere.

It is the place where you feel your authentic self. So what is the best news? We deliver therapy programs online too.

What is the REACH Group Program?

Developed by Black Dog Institute (“black dog” being a term for depression that goes back to the 1700s), the REACH is a group-based therapy program designed to improve the lives and mental health of those with depression or bipolar disorder. It is easy to face life with “REACH”, and the acronym says it all: Responsibility, Education, Acceptance, Connection, and Hope.

Who Facilitates the REACH Group Program for Mind Connections?

Our REACH Group Program is run by our duo Mr Robert Craig, an experienced and skilled psychologist whom the Black Dog Institute has trained to facilitate this specific program and consultant psychiatrist Dr Padmini Howpage. Together they add immense value to this program.

Who Can Take Part in the REACH Group Program?

The program is suitable for 18+ who has lived experience with depression or bipolar disorder. However, we ask you to be committed to the whole program, which means attending all 10 sessions. You will reap benefits when you are motivated to implement strategies to improve your wellbeing.

You need a Mental Health Care Plan and referral from your GP to enrol in the program.

Participants under Work cover and 3rd party insurers need prior approval from their case manager.

What Sort of Topics Does the REACH Group Program Cover?

Topics covered in the REACH Group Program include:

  • Starting the journey
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Dealing with loss, grief and challenges
  • Identifying your relapse signature
  • Developing a wellbeing plan
  • Wellbeing – addressing exercise and stress
  • Wellbeing – diet, sleep, work and self-esteem
  • Identifying your support network, AND
  • Your wellbeing and your journey towards recovery.

Starting the Journey

You may want to know about the first topic, ‘Starting the Journey’, to get an idea. Next, you will learn about and discuss the importance of hope, mindfulness practices’ and expressive writing, gratitude, charting one’s moods, and the critical concept of the wellness goal. Following topics will empower you as you travel through the journey; you will enjoy the company of your fellow participants and your facilitators, enriching your experience.

For More Information…

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