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What is the Mindful Community Support Group about?

Uncategorized . 2 minutes read . August 15, 2022

Mindful support groups is to share your thoughts and ideas to empower each other’s recovery journey that you are experiencing. For example, you may have experienced rTMS therapy, Group therapy 1.1 Consultations with your professional and Medication therapy.

You may have great ideas about your future, as most of you are on the recovery pathway. The Mindful Community is a guided support group that synergises your recovery pathway and helps to identify when your warning signs if relapses of your mental health issues occur in the future.

Mindful Community Support Group

  • At Mind Connections, we intently listen to our patient's feedback. Due to overwhelming demand, we have created a support group where patients can enjoy a safe, supportive environment for the recovery journey.
  • Although the therapy program is specifically designed for patients recovering from treatment-resistant depressive disorder, it is also suited for anyone recovering from a mental disorder.
  • TMS technician Sienna Rizzo, Psychologist Robert Craig and Psychiatrist Dr Padmini Howpage will facilitate the support group.
  • The group therapy is a structured program, and we will be discussing rTMS and how brain stimulation works, stress reduction therapy, coping strategies, mindfulness, and how to maintain wellbeing.
  • If you need support, join the group conducted by experts in the field.

It is exciting times:

  • Yes! Our first session is on the 20th of September, 3:00 – 4:00 pm.
  • Sessions are two hours/week.
  • Format – open group.
  • The support group will meet once a month.
  • Please bring a GP referral to your first session.
  • We make it cost-efficient for participants. Out-of-pocket costs are kept to a minimum, only $20/- per month. Funds are allocated to provide comfort with venue facilities, education materials, light snacks, tea, and coffee.

We are very excited to see you there!