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About Mind Connections

Specialists Services

Consultants at Mind Connections Specialist Health Services provide patient assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow up as individual clinicians.

 When it is necessary, Consultant Specialists collaborate with each other to optimise patient care. With their patient’s permission, psychiatrists, psychologists, medical specialists (Endocrinologists, Geriatricians and Rehabilitation physicians) share clinical data. The collaborative care is designed to ensure that patients receive the best possible care when patients need it most. 

In addition to the office base, now there are Australia-wide services via Telehealth.

Our Approach and Values

Mind Connections Specialist Health Services embraces a holistic philosophy that centres around each individual’s personal growth and well-being. As a result of the specialised input, each person unlocks their full potential by leveraging on their strengths.

Our approach is rooted in the following principles:

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: We go beyond the surface to truly know you as an individual. This involves delving into your emotional landscape, mapping out your thought processes, and exploring the dynamics of your relationships.
  2. Perception and Worldview: We strive to comprehend your unique perspective on the world, recognising that this plays a significant role in your overall well-being.
  3. Physical Health Integration: Our commitment to your well-being extends to your physical health. We conduct thorough assessments to rule out any underlying physical conditions and coordinate appropriate investigations when necessary.
  4. Education and Empowerment: We believe that knowledge is a powerful tool for healing. We are dedicated to educating you and your loved ones about your diagnosis, and helping you make informed decisions about your treatment journey.

By genuinely understanding you as an individual, our aim is to:

  1. Facilitate Accurate Diagnosis: Our in-depth understanding enables us to arrive at a precise diagnosis, laying the foundation for effective treatment.
  2. Address Emotional Well-being: We help you decipher the reasons behind your emotions, pains, and suffering, enabling us to offer tailored therapeutic solutions.
  3. Customised Treatment: We craft treatment plans uniquely tailored to your needs, ensuring they resonate with your journey towards recovery and well-being.
  4. We are committed to each individual’s unique and holistic growth and well-being. As clinicians, being a part of our patient’s journey towards recovery is a privilege that keeps us going.

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