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Be kind to yourself

Seeking professional help is the first step.


For emergency help call
000 or visit your
local emergency department.

Non Urgent

After-hours & non-urgent care support call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
NSW Mental Health Line at 1800 011 511 or
Lifeline at 131 114

Telehealth Australia wide
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The Specialists are experts in their fields, highly skilled and have extensive experience as clinicians.  Specialties include;

  • Psychiatrists with expertise in general adult, addiction, medicolegal and child psychiatry,
  • Psychologists with expertise in children’s behavioural disorders, adult psychology and disorders in the elderly,
  • Specialist endocrinologists with expertise in Diabetes, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances,
  • Geriatricians with expertise in old age mobility, memory and issues,
  • Rehabilitation specialist’s expertise in conditioning in multisystem disorders and mobility issues.

Recovery based treatment and management plans promote healthy feelings, healthy thinking, healthy behaviours and healthy interactions.

Specialist Services

Clinicians at Mind Connections specialist Health Services allow patients to realise their potential and strengths. This insight is the motivation for the recovery-based journey. Patients achieve remission from medical and psychiatric disorders with increased productivity, better role functioning and improved relationships.

Sydney’s specialist health care in psychiatry, psychology, endocrinology, geriatrics & rehabilitation and many more.

Specialist clinicians are AHPRA registered and have achieved their colleges’ highest professional qualifications.

The treatment aims to empower patients on how best to look after themselves. As a result, patients feel empowered to lead a happy, healthy life when they recover from their illnesses.

Clinician’s approach to treatment

  • Getting to know the patient to understand how they feel emotionally about having the disorder
  • Mapping out  the thought processes behind the illness
  • Discussing how it effect patient’s relationships
  • Examining for physical illnesses and organising appropriate investigations
  • Arriving at a diagnosis and offering a treatment plan
  • Educating the patient, family and carer about the Diagnosis & the treatment plan.

Physical or mental illness does not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnicity or status. Untreated and undiagnosed diseases can have a high personal cost due to expenses and the individual’s sick role. Therefore, seeking help early as possible can save the patient and their families’ unnecessary heartache. Consultant specialists have professional training, expertise and high levels of experience in their respective fields to diagnose and support your needs.

Consultant Specialists

Many clinicians work at Mind Connections Specialist Health Services. They are psychiatrists, psychologists, and other medical specialists such as endocrinologists, Geriatricians and Rehabilitation Specialists.

The collaborative nature optimises the best possible patients who deserve such services.

Services extend to all age groups throughout Australia via Telehealth.

Our Social Responsibility

Western Sydney University

Mind Connections Specialist Health Services has a long-standing affiliation with Western Sydney University (WSU). Medical students enrolled in Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, Faculty of medicine, WSU attend clinical placements and conduct research under the supervision of our clinicians.

Mind Connections Foundation is focused on enhancing our community’s mental health and well-being by promoting awareness and evidence-based research.

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