Due to Covid-19, all our bookings are by appointments only.

Dr Raiz Ismail​


Please book online by clicking on the link under the clinician. It is easy, fast and user-friendly, and what’s more, you can use the time that suits your needs.


Unfortunately, some patients exploit the system by making multiple bookings, resulting in long waiting lists. This behaviour also added more work to admin staff. The online deposit of $100 for your appointment secures the appointment with the chosen clinician. The deposit will be credited to your account when you attend the scheduled appointment.

Please note that the above deposit is not refundable if you fail to cancel the appointment 48 hours before.

The patient can call or email the practice to cancel the appointment, but please note that you must be 48 hrs time limit. You have the choice of keeping the deposit when rescheduling the appointment.


Please ring the practice to arrange the refund and cancel the appointment.

If you do not intend to attend the appointment, you will receive your full deposit returned to your credit or debit card.


Dr Raiz Ismail

Dr Raiz Ismail

Consultant Psychiatrist
“My special interests include depression and bipolar disorder, psychosis, anxiety disorders including panic disorder, OCD and PTSD, grief and adjustment disorders.”

Dr Ismail is a consultant psychiatrist and a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He works with people from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Dr Ismail received his medical education, psychiatric training, teaching experience and career in India, the United Kingdom and Australia.

As a consultant psychiatrist at Nepean Hospital, Dr Ismail provides comprehensive psychiatric treatment in inpatient and outpatient settings.

Dr Raiz currently consults at our Norwest office on Tuesdays.

Dr Raiz Ismail specialises in:

  • Depression, Psychosis, PTSD, Trauma, OCD, Domestic Violence, Bipolar, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Anger, Aggression, Dissociation, Transgender, Stress, Grief, Interpersonal Conflict
  • DVA
  • Psycho-Geriatrician (Aged Care)
  • ADHD/ADD (Prescribing Only)
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Schizophrenia/Clozapine
  • TMS

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